Cocktail meet-up: Purdy Lounge
Josh Wagner, Managing Partner, LDV Hospitality
“Purdy Lounge is what every American bar should be: dark, blurry, with a friendly staff, a cool owner, corners to hide in, killer music, and no pretension. It’s a neighborhood institution where you can get affordable drinks, but also elevate with an old-fashioned or Sazerac. You might stay till the lights come on, or go home with someone you’ve never met.” 1811 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, 305-531-4622

Slice of heaven: Lucali
Marco Borges, fitness expert
“It’s easy for anyone who’s ever experienced Lucali to instantly fall in love with [its pizza]. Maybe it’s the edgy Brooklyn charm, the insane tomato sauce, the family atmosphere, or the passion for culinary perfection that runs through [owner] Mark Iacono’s veins. I think it’s a flawless blend of all! The staff never feels like staff but rather more like friends who are happy that you joined them for dinner.” 1930 Bay Road, Miami Beach, 305-695-4441

Quick fix: Panther Coffee
Michael Comras, President, Comras Company
“Sunset Harbour has become the place for locals. It is all about lifestyle. Panther is a great home-brewed concept that serves our locals as a great alternative to Starbucks. It’s a fresh approach to an otherwise staid concept.” 1875 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, 305-67-3952

Game-time go-to: Burger & Beer Joint
DJ Irie, official DJ of the Miami Heat
“As a Sunset Harbour resident, Burger & Beer Joint is one of the spots I catch myself frequenting. I’ve been going for about three years now, and, oh yes, they know me by name. Although known for their vast selections of burgers and beers, I really get into their chopped salad, and they have some of the best wings and chicken tenders this side of the Beach.” 1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach, 305-672-3287

Healthy refresher: Jugofresh
Rachel Novetsky, private yoga instructor
“I go to Jugofresh six to seven times a week. I order the Kitchen Sink, which is all the leftover greens from the day, topped off with banana and almond butter. I have an Animal Energy every day instead of coffee. I’m addicted not only to the juices but to the whole process. [Owner] Matthew [Sherman] has brought a vibe to Sunset Harbour that’s energetic, warm, and personable.” 1935 West Ave., Ste. 102, Miami Beach, 786-472- 2552

Bistro bite: Icebox Cafe
Adam J. Rosenfeld, Senior Vice President, The Rosenfeld Group at Merrill Lynch & Co.
“In a city that has attracted some of the most popular restaurants worldwide, it’s nice to still have a place to call our own: Icebox. Authentic and comfortable are two words that best describe the vibe and the food at this ‘let’s not make a big production out of dining’ establishment. Let’s not forget that Oprah did vote their cake to be one of the best in America. Have the Chocolate Delight—no description necessary.” 1855 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, 305-538- 8448

Cold crave: Emack & Bolio’s
Alina Villasante, Creator, Peace Love World
“On the weekends, my kids and I usually check in to my Peace Love World store in Sunset Harbour. I always have to stop in to Emack & Bolio’s to get my peanut butter fix. My absolute favorite is the creamy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and my son Frankie is obsessed with the Chocolate Addiction!” 1915 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, 786-216- 7006

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