From rosé at sunset to Vespas in Wynwood and vintage from around the world, Ocean Drive peeks into the perfect personal spaces and daily routines of Miami’s most detail-oriented trendsetters.

classic and timeless
the minmalist

Michelle Leshem: The Cool Maven
Leshem bridges decades of style with her colorful take on how to live Miami life to the fullest.

Steven Giles: The Culture Creature 
Out-of-the-box creativity, pop culture, playful minimalism, and meticulous organization bring elevated aesthetics to Giles' everyday life.

classic and timeless
the minmalist

Hernan Arriaga: The Smooth Operator 
Plenty of people have style, but rarely do you find someone like Arriaga, so packed with panache that his life is defined by it.

Sam Robin: The Zen Master
Style is one big adventure for Robin, constantly hunting for quality and enrichment from cultures around the globe.

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