Ocean Drive magazine took its name from the enchanting looking street itself. Its beautiful Art Deco architecture and neon signs will forever be synonymous with Miami glamour.

Where were you in January 1993? If you were charmed enough to be living in Miami, you had a front-row seat for the second coming of America’s Riviera. Those of us who sauntered down some of the dusty, mostly parking-meter-less streets when Ocean Drive distributed its first copies—many of which were handed out by models on Rollerblades, no less—were in the right town at the right time. It’s safe to say just about everybody back then was caught a little off-guard by how extraordinarily Miami Beach was developing.

Some say Ocean Drive made Miami what it is today. We, instead, modestly tout our foresight in hopping aboard the first bus to the land of reclaimed glitter and glamour. When the famous first issue debuted in January 1993—with a full-color Claudia Schiffer cover and 78 black-and-white, 15-inch by 11-inch, glossy-ish pages—it celebrated Miami’s newfound ascendance to the international stage…. and there was admittedly some wishful thinking going on. While we landed an interview with then-new Miami Beach transplant Gianni Versace (our favorite quote: “I prefer a happy vulgar person to an unhappy chic person”), most of the “Shot on Site” celebrity photos were taken by Patrick McMullan at events in Paris, New York, and LA.

In that issue, Tara Solomon predicted that winter/spring 1993 would “be the season of the A-list scene South Beach never really experienced,” and lamented, “Wait until the rest of New York and Europe—and very soon, we fear, LA—decide to visit.” Visit they did. And they returned to build, buy, design, and party through our booms and busts. The Miami of 2013 is on another upward swing, and there’s no looking back now. Well, maybe one more time….


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