Whether dining at a five-star restaurant or popping Champagne with a model who’s a perfect 10, men in Miami are dressing to the nines.

“Miami is one big fashion runway show,” says Yakir Shoushan, the owner of Lincoln Road luxury accessories shop VAULT. “Being in a city like ours, where an abundance of beautiful people live, we are all always trying to look our best.”

Shoushan, who can be seen sporting and selling everything from Richard Mille timepieces to Garrard jewelry to Garrett Leight eyewear, is seated on top of the penthouse of the Dream South Beach tonight for a meeting of the minds—a men’s fashion summit orchestrated by Ocean Drive to help the Miami man stay sharp.

So who is this “typical” Miami shopper?

“He’s a 30-something who’s making the transition from buying into trends to investing in timeless wardrobe staples,” says Jonathan Eyal, owner of Midtown boutique Supply & Advise. “This guy understands quality versus quantity, and that buying the best means buying it only once.”

At his store, Eyal sells classic, American-made garb that’s high in quality and low in pretension. Eyal’s hair is short, his shirt is tucked in, and he owns three white oxford button-down-collar shirts from Gitman Vintage—one that he keeps at home, one in his desk at work, and one in the trunk of his car—and he suggests you do the same. While he says dark denim and a white T-shirt “are part of our DNA,” it’s often how you wear something that is more important than what you wear.

“The usual Miami shopper is a young, trendy, international, and versatile individual,” add Antony and Jeremy Goureau, owners of Aventura boutique La Martina, the official supplier of the sport of polo. “He adapts to the fashion trends from his home country and this country’s style.”

Born in Paris, the Goureaus quickly adapted to Miami life and fashion, bringing an international flair to their Aventura shop. Denim, polo shirts, and handmade Argentine leather jackets autographed by international polo players are must-haves in their store and in their own closets.

Juan Plasencia, with his laid-back look and tales of Gianni Versace shopping at his then-Ocean Drive store, defines South Beach chic; he knows that cool and casual go hand-in-hand here. At his shop, Sunset Clothing Co. in Sunset Harbour, he can frequently be seen wearing dark jeans and a white shirt, and his customers often seek the same classic look.

“I always try to find timeless pieces that are not sold in all the department stores, such as Levi’s Made & Crafted, which is all made in California or Italy,” he says. “Now the Miami shopper is from all over the world. He’s still looking for the same things as he was before, but now he can find them in Miami.”

And if said shopper is headed to the beach, Plasencia suggests he “get a great pair of ’50s-or ’60s-style swim trunks; the length and style will always be appropriate.”

On any occasion, Antony and Jeremy Goureau say the popularity of polo is influencing fashion. “The sport of polo, sport of kings, has reshaped what a man should wear on any given day or night. Our clients are looking for uniqueness, quality, and fashionable trends that they can wear out on a hot summer day as well as a night out in the city.”

For VAULT’s Yakir Shoushan, it’s not what you wear but what you wear with it that matters. “From Alexander McQueen and Balmain scarves to Tom Ford pocket squares and Valentino sneakers,” is how he says he likes to accessorize. “The Cartier Love bracelet [is] paired with a timeless piece such as a Richard Mille watch, and finish off your look with a classy pair of sunglasses.”

No matter how you dress, all of the men suggest one thing: Wear it with confidence. “The confidence you exude when you put it all together is the final touch,” Shoushan says.

In the melting pot that is Miami, whether you are soaking in the sun at the beach, watching the sunset from a rooftop lounge, or partying until the sun comes up at a nightclub, style is essential and confidence is everywhere.

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