Amanda Boalt, the granddaughter of the late Lilly Pulitzer, bursts on to the swim scene with her eponymous label’s unique take on men’s resortwear.

Amanda Boalt
Amanda Boalt at her beach house in Palm Beach, with models wearing her South Florida-inspired board shorts in banana leaf and flying fish prints ($130 each).

For Amanda Boalt, Palm Beach has always been a way of life, even when she was working for Ralph Lauren in New York. Her grandmother, the late Lilly Pulitzer, was the epitome of carefree beach style and the queen of print, and this sans-souci lifestyle is evident in Boalt’s men’s resort line, Strong Boalt. “I love everything about living in South Florida,” says the designer, who resides full-time in Palm Beach. “The ocean is a part of everyday life here. And Granny’s spirit lives on everywhere in Palm Beach.”

Pulitzer’s love of energetic patterns and “happy” colors permeated her collection as well as her personal belongings (many of which were sold to ardent collectors and brand devotees this past February at Palm Beach’s Leslie Hindman Auctioneers). Strong Boalt, which Boalt founded in 2009, translates that joie de vivre into a more sophisticated look for modern-day gents. “I’m personally very classic and sporty, and this has a direct influence on my line,” says Boalt, who found inspiration in her South Florida upbringing, which included days spent “spearing fish in the nearby Bahamas,” paddleboarding, playing tennis, and boating. Prints, including this season’s vintage banana leaf and cabana stripes, are derived from a variety of beach-themed sources, including “photography, postcards, natural textures, and art.”

lily pulitzer
Amanda Boalt’s grandmother, Lilly Pulitzer, on her boat in 1964.

New for this summer will be not only a fresh collection of graphic prints but also the introduction of three new shirt styles, including the Alexander, a clean-cut tennis polo with a pocket that’s a Boalt favorite. New walking shorts, available in the brand’s signature array of colors, can be worn from water to land, which adds to the versatility of the line. “Our man is a man who travels to warm tropical places and likes to spend most of his time on the coast,” says Boalt. “He packs lightly and wants classic beachwear that is functional for action-packed getaways.” Look to these styles this summer for the perfect mix of classic Americana and South Florida whimsy. Absolutely Suitable at The Breakers, 1 S. County Road, Palm Beach, 561-655-6611

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