6 Stylish Shirt and Tie Combos for Fall

October 22, 2014 | by Cynthia Correa | Style & Beauty

Fall might call for darker shades and richer textures in other parts of the country, but in Miami, we're still in summer mode. Below, our shirt-and-tie pairings take into account fall's best trends and South Florida style. 

Alexander McQueen:

Gray dress shirt.

Contrast Harness Shirt, Alexander McQueen ($595). 9700 Collins Ave., Suite 176, Bal Harbour, 305-866-2839

Maroon tie with feature graphic.

Feather Print Tie, Alexander McQueen ($190). 

A McQueen match: This pair might have a muted color palette, but the shirt's shoulder detail and the tie's feather graphic give this look the edge that McQueen is known for. >>Read More


Q&A: Nick Carter on Touring with Jordan Knight & Being on Reality TV

October 21, 2014 | by Cynthia Correa | Talk of the Town

Why is the ex-Backstreet Boy reintroducing himself via reality TV? 

Singer Nick Carter.

As the Nick and Knight tour gets ready to hit Fort Lauderdale on October 22, we talked with singer Nick Carter about what inspired his collaboration with Jordan Knight, his love of house music, and the future of the Backstreet Boys.

Tell us about your new reality show, I Heart Nick Carteron VH1. 
NICK CARTER: Well, it came about because [my wife], Lauren, and myself were talking and saying, “You know, maybe it would be cool to do a reality show.” I feel like we have a really interesting life—it’s unique. I’m always on the road and it’s really difficult to be in a relationship. I had a bad experience last time I did reality [TV and] I might have lost a lot of fans. The person I am now, I am happy. I’ve overcome a lot of adversity. This time around, there’s a definite change and I’ve grown and I feel like it’s a great opportunity for me to reintroduce myself to people. >>Read More


Kevin Spacey Voices The Rainforest in Conservation International Campaign

October 20, 2014 | Pursuits

Conservation International's new Nature Is Speaking campaign seeks to redefine the conversation about the relationship between people and nature. In a series of short films, celebrities lend their voices to parts of nature, such as the rainforest, ocean, and redwood. All deliver an important message everyone needs to hear: Nature doesn't need people. People need nature.

This week's film features Kevin Spacey as The Rainforest. Watch below and learn more on natureisspeaking.org