7 Beauty Finds with Weird, Wonderful Ingredients

March 27, 2014 | by Beth Landman | Style & Beauty

Wasabi in your haircare, kale in your tinted moisturizer—these seven beauty brands have left no miracle ingredient stone unturned.

repere caviar cream
Caviar, catnip, kale, and copper are among the beauty industry's new miracle ingredients. 

From lab simulated snake venom to rare plants that grow on distant mountains, research and experimentation in the area of cosmetics is boundless. Below, some of the latest ingredients.

Volcanic Ash

Post volcanic eruption powder is used in Joanna Vargas Skincare's Exfoliating Mask ($75) to obtain brighter, tighter skin by re-texturizing and removing impurities from the skin without chemicals. Better yet, Julianne More and Rachel Weisz are both fans of Vargas' products. 

Noni Extract

An exotic fruit native to the South Pacific, Noni is a powerful oxidant, and a key ingredient in Kora Organics Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil ($64). Australian beauty Miranda Kerr is behind the label. 


Never mind what you saw in the James Bond flick Goldfinger. Metal is now being used to improve skin's appearance, not suffocate it. “Copper contains a high degree of healing minerals, which are perfect to help recover from the winter,’’ says Dorit Baxter, whose spa is using copper in a new facial ($135).    


Who knew that wasabi promoted hair growth? According to Pravana, the Japanese root used in the company’s Color Lock Leave-In Treatment ($19) not only stimulates follicles, it soothes the scalp and helps hair retain color by inhibiting oxidative reaction in DNA.

Real Sturgeon Caviar  

Okay, caviar is not so weird, but Repere, launching now exclusively through the Townhouse Spa, uses the good stuff: 100 percent extract of sturgeon caviar. “The sturgeon fish’s belly is gently massaged for the eggs to release without harming the eco-system,’’ says spa owner Jamie Ahn, who was also one of the first to introduce beautifying collagen masks saturated with snail secretion. “The Repere serum improves skin’s texture and firmness and you can feel the eggs actually burst when you use it,’’ she explains. 


Only in Florida is bug spray considered a beauty arsenal must-have. If you don’t mind having a few extra feline buddies, check out Erbaviva’s Organic Buzz spray ($20). It uses a mix of oils and herbs, including catnip, to keep bugs away.


Alba Botanica is using the vitamin packed leafy green du jour, along with spinach and Swiss chard, in its “Good and Healthy Range’’ launching this April. Try the Tinted Perfector ($9.99), a light moisturizer that comes in a universally flattering shade and promises a luminous complexion.

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