Andy Murray’s favorite watches are from the Rado HyperChrome Court Collection.Andy Murray’s favorite watches are from the Rado HyperChrome Court Collection; he is particularly fond of the blue-accented version, which represents hard court tennis. INSET: Andy Murray wins the 2013 Sony Open.

As the hustle and bustle of the upcoming US Open Tennis Championships descends, Andy Murray and the rest of the world’s top players ready their game for tennis enthusiasts on this side of the pond. For the recent Wimbledon champion and winner of the 2012 US Open title, everything is in the timing. “I always like to keep track of time; it plays a huge part in my life. Whether I’m on a tennis court, at home, or in the gym, keeping time is always an important factor to me,” he admits. “Timing on the court is also hugely important, as any good tennis player will tell you.”

With timing playing a critical role in his life and career, Murray has a particular fondness for watches; he has become a brand ambassador for Rado. “I always associated Rado with tennis because I remember it as sponsoring tennis tournaments when I was younger,” says Murray. He admits that even when traveling with his team, time is so important to them that they’ve created a competition around it. “If any one of us is late—whether to breakfast or training—the team would decide on a forfeit, often involving carrying everyone’s bags back from the court or restaurant.”

Murray adds, “Like most guys, I’ve always liked watches. I’ve learned quite a lot about watches in the last few years, since my partnership with Rado started. I have a few watches now, and my collection is growing.”

And he looks ahead to this year’s US Open hoping to collect another championship, as well. On the heels of his defeat of Djokovic last month at Wimbledon—to be the first British player to earn the title in 77 years—and after defeating Djokovic in five sets to win the men’s singles at the US Open in 2012, Murray aspires to a repeat victory this year at Forest Hills. “I love New York,” the champion says. “Ever since I came here as a junior and won the US Open, it has been special for me. Obviously, winning my first slam here last year has just added to that. The place has incredible energy.”

In addition to keeping a close eye on his game and his timing, Murray enjoys watching football, basketball, and boxing and participates in fantasy football and basketball, which helps him stay in the loop when he’s traveling. So, what would Murray do if he had an extra hour in every day? “It might sound boring, but because the tour is so busy, I’d probably spend the extra hour just chilling,” he says. “I don’t get to see my girlfriend or my dogs as much as I would like, so it would be nice to have an extra hour at home.”

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