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As our lives are increasingly conducted on a global scale, keeping track of time becomes a monumental task. Today’s finest watches are providing the tools that count—right on the wrist.

World timer watches that display the time in key cities around the globe and GMT timepieces that tell the time in a second zone feature the most sought-after functions available. What’s more, watchmakers have developed ways to make these timepieces more user-friendly than ever. Some brands even incorporate quick-set modules that enable the wearer to change the time forward or backward when traveling, while other brands offer patented easy-to-read systems.

At first glance, a world timer or a GMT may look a bit daunting, but a quick lesson from the retail expert will have you globe-trotting in no time.

1. This Movado Series 800 watch ($1,695) is crafted in steel with a black PVD finish. The Swiss-made quartz timepiece features a unidirectional world time bezel and a black dial with 24-hour indication.

2. From Montblanc, this TimeWalker Southern Hemisphere watch ($5,700) features world time indication on the dial and has a caseback with the 24 time zones of the northern hemisphere engraved on it.

3. This Louis Vuitton Tambour Spin Time Automatic GMT ($43,500) is an automatic GMT watch with Spin Time function wherein the jumping hours appear on the rotating cube. The secondary time indication is also read from a cube, via a yellow pointer hand. 

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