Welcome to our monthly Find. Eat. Drink. trending report, highlighting the top spots where chefs, bartenders, and industry pros are eating and drinking around Miami.

Josh’s Deli: Recommended by Daniel Serfer 

josh's deli in surfside

“Chef Joshua Marcus is bringing back the deli,” says chef Daniel Serfer (Blue Collar). “He makes his own bagels, he does all his own corned beef, all his own pastrami, all his own bacon, and things you might not think you’d find in a deli—shellfish to swine. And he’s a one-man show.” 9517 Harding Ave., Surfside, 305-397-8494

Cote Gourmet: Recommended by Michelle Bernstein 

cote gourmet in miami

"It's a fun little neighborhood haunt, super homey and funky,” says chef Michelle Bernstein (Michy’s) about this French Provençal restaurant. “The woman who cooks is straight from Provence and makes the most beautiful, simple French salads and creative dishes like you would get at a grandmother’s house in France.” 9999 N.E. 2nd Ave., Miami, 305-754-9012

Sumi Yakitori: Recommended by Matt Hinckley

sumi yakitori in miami

Chef Matt Hinckley recommends this yakitori house for its skewered chicken parts that are grilled Binchotan-style using white charcoal imported from Japan. They also have lots of imported Japanese whiskies and sake to pair with your dinner. 21 SW 11th St., Miami, 786-360-5570

Eating House: Recommended by Daniel Serfer 

eating house in coral gables

Chef Daniel Serfer (Blue Collar) says, “The menu changes a lot, but there is always a tomato dish in some fashion. They use heirloom tomatoes and will do something like a frozen coconut granita with fish sauce. The chef here sets a lot of trends, like using burnt vegetables, which not a lot of people are doing. It’s just a fun vibe and a great place.” 804 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, 305-448-6524

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