How often do you see Avicii without his backwards cap? Does Diplo ever step out in anything other than a suit and tie? And what's up with Zedd and all those red flannel shirts? As a slew of international DJs hit town for Miami Music Week, we hone in on seven spinsters and their signature style items.  

1. Avicii's Backwards Caps

avicii always wears a backwards cap

He wore a beanie in his recent Ralph Lauren campaign, but Avicii prefers a backwards cap for everyday. If you like his look, shop his Miami Music Week-timed pop-up shop, selling Avicii-branded hats, T-shirts, tote bags, flip flops, and yes, condoms at 201 Lincoln Road now through March 31. 

2. Miriam Nervo's Bowler Hats  

miriam nervo always wears a bowler hat

One-half of Aussie sister DJ duo Nervo, Miriam was wearing shapely bowler hats long before Pharrell debuted his Arby's-inspired topper. Miriam and her sister Olivia often share clothes, and have even been tapped as spokesmodels for CoverGirl, but the bowler is a Miriam exclusive.  

3. David Guetta's Black on Black

david guetta always wears black

DJ/producer David Guetta keeps his style simple-chic, as the French are wont to do, with all black looks, usually with a touch of leather. 

4. Diplo's Suits and Ties

diplo always wears suits

Diplo isn't afraid to sweat it out on stage in a well tailored suit. His sharp style has made him a regular on the pages of GQ, and even landed him a Blackberry commercial. What did he wear to crowd surf in a hamster ball during his set at last year's Ultra? Yep, a dress shirt and tie. 

5. Zedd's Lumberjack Shirts 

dj zedd always wears flannel shirts

Just how many red flannels does this guy own? One of the youngest DJs on the scene, Zedd has blown up with chart-topping hits in the past year, but at least his wardrobe is staying down to earth.  

6. Rebecca & Fiona's Pleated Skirts and Extreme Hair Color

djs rebecca and fiona dress like the spice girls

These doe-eyed EDM darlings aren’t sisters, but they like to coordinate their looks as if they were twins. Fiona has pastel locks that would make a My Little Pony jealous, and Rebecca takes ombré hair to color-block levels. The love pleated skirts and shoes that look like they were bought at a Spice Girls estate sale. 

7. Tiesto's Graphic Tees

dj tiesto always wears graphic t-shirts

When you’ve been DJ'ing for as long as Tiesto has, comfort is key. Just like a European, the Dutchman opts for graphic shirts rather than plain white tees. In colder climes he often tops his look with a varsity-style jacket or leather bomber. 

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