FROM LEFT: Lip Treatment Shine in Peach Sorbet ($23), limited-edition Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Candlelight ($24), and Bobbi Brown Beach Fragrance ($67.50)

“My three favorite beaches in the entire world are in The Bahamas, New Jersey, and Miami,” says beauty mogul Bobbi Brown, who celebrated the 20th anniversary of her cult brand last year.

Her decision to create a summer collection devoted to Miami resulted from a lifetime of visits. “I’ve been at least 25 times in all,” says Brown, who used to journey down from Chicago for her childhood vacations. “My grandparents lived in what is now the very cool Art Deco District, but back then it was full of retirees. We’d go to Wolfie’s deli for chicken soup and turkey sandwiches, and spend hours at the beach.”

But it was a trip in May 2010 that gave the 55-year-old a moment of inspiration. “The weather, the ocean, the style, and freedom that people seem to have—I decided I had to create a collection especially for this unique place.”

And it’s not just Miami; Brown often gets her best ideas while living out of a suitcase. “You don’t get inspired sitting in an office,” she says. The light-bulb moment for her best-selling Slopes lipstick shade came after seeing the wind-burned cheeks of her six-year-old son on a ski trip, and the sun-saturated hues in last fall’s Marrakesh Chic Collection were born from a journey through the deserts of Morocco.

When it came to picking out shades for the Miami collection, Brown was adamant that the feel be “tropical, but not all about wild color.” The result is an ultra-wearable grouping of flamingo hues, bearing names like Nude Beach, Pink Seashell, and Peach Sorbet.

Working with the humid climate was key, too. “The long-wear cream shadow is designed to withstand the summer heat,” says Brown, who continued the theme with a languorous surfinspired beach fragrance laden with sand, jasmine, and mandarin (“I wanted to reimagine my memories of Grandma rubbing Coppertone on me at the beach”); a fragrance oil flecked with gold shimmer; and four lightweight shea butter-packed Treatment Lip Shines. “The idea is to look like you’ve just stepped off South Beach.” The 11-piece Bobbi Brown Miami Collection with fragrance and shimmer oil is available at Macy’s, 1675 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, 305-674-6300

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