Chasing wellness or recovering from last night’s fun gets an IV boost from Dr. Jesse Sandhu’s VitaSquad.

Dr. Jesse Sandhu
VitaSquad’s Dr. Jesse Sandhu helps pump up weary Miamians with vitamin infusions.

The new Miami is not unlike the old Miami—we still love to party, spend days in the sun, and care about our bodies. But in this new incarnation, we don’t have the time to recover from our own high-demand lifestyles. Thankfully, there’s VitaSquad, a mobile service that uses intravenous nutritional therapy to deliver vitamins directly into the bloodstream. “We get vitamins from a compounding pharmacy, and then we combine them with saline bags used in hospitals,” says VitaSquad’s medical director, Dr. Jesse Sandhu. “Vitamins such as B-12 (which increases metabolism) and vitamin C are injected and bypass your digestive tract, so those vitamins are immediately and 100 percent available for use.”

A graduate of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center & Sinai-Grace Hospital, Dr. Sandhu spent the last decade practicing medicine in various ERs around Miami before landing at Baptist Hospital. “IV therapy isn’t something new, but the accessibility is,” he says. “During my residency, [doctors] would be able to take an IV if you drank a little too much the night before. That’s how I found out about the benefits [and saw] firsthand what it can do.”

Only about 50 percent of users are looking to recover from last night’s debacle. “We actually promote the other side of IV therapy: wellness,” says Dr. Sandhu. For example, VitaSquad’s Liquid Immunity has the vitamin C equivalent of 10 cups of orange juice.

While you can walk in and get hooked up in VitaSquad’s tranquil IV room at Pure Pharmacy in South Beach, the advantage is that the service can also come to you. Their mobile crew can deliver bags of VitaHydrate (curing the worst of hangovers) or VitaLuv (“enhance your night with that special someone”) to your office, home, or beach chair. Those entertaining a larger group or stumbling out of a club should keep an eye out for the VitaSquad RV, which handles more volume, as it did during Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. “We did over 500 IVs in about 10 days,” Dr. Sandhu says.

And while athletes from the NBA and NFL are also using VitaSquad, it can give “regular Joes” an edge in the gym, too. “I tell my patients to go to the gym and time yourself running your best mile, and then a couple of days later, take an IV and run the same mile,” says Dr. Sandhu. “You’ll shave about 30 seconds off of your time. It’s because your endurance goes up and the blood flow to your muscles is better.”

Of course, Miami isn’t the only city lining up to get infused. “We’re starting to get international interest,” says Dr. Sandhu. “Miami is the perfect place for this to launch, but the sky is the limit.” 959 West Ave., Miami Beach, 855-464-8778

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