Spotted: Where Dave Chappelle Spent the Weekend Post-Banana Incident

April 24, 2015 | by Lane Nieset

Where did Dave Chappelle relax between his South Beach Comedy Festival gigs? This and more in this week's celebrity sightings.

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle.

Dave Chappelle Lounges Poolside at Hyde Beach

The comedian relaxed at SLS South Beach while he was in town to perform at the South Beach Comedy Festival (and possibly to recoup after the banana peel incident). He was first spotted on Thursday, April 9 having lunch in one of Hyde Beach's poolside cabanas, and again by the pool on Saturday and Sunday.

New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski and pro wrestler Mojo Rawley were also seen hanging out and sipping drinks in a cabana on Saturday, April 11.

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Q&A: Alina Villasante on Touring with Oprah & Celebrating Earth Day

April 21, 2015 | by Kathy Buccio

We caught up with the founder of Peace Love World to talk about how she incorporates sustainable practices into her everyday routine and what it's like to work with Oprah.

Alina Villasante

When Alina Villasante started hosting parties in her living room for the sake of getting friends together to distribute her trademark graphic tees, little did she know that her conceptions and attitudes would parachute into Peace Love World, a million-dollar, Miami-based business of positive energy—not to mention catch the attention of Oprah and Pharrell Williams. Last year, Villasante got to collaborate with both superstars; she created the exclusive Peace Love Oprah collection sold to attendees of Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend tour, and worked with Pharrell to design a limited-edition collection of T-shirts.

One thing is certain: Peace Love World is not just about the clothes. Miamians and celebrities (like Mila Kunis) alike are drawn to Villasante's philosophy of inspiring women to give back while looking and feeling comfortably chic. With Earth Day upon us, we asked the entrepreneur to tell us what's next and share her tips for going green: >>Read More


Q&A: Why Shane Battier is Miami Heat for Life

April 20, 2015 | by Tricia Carr

Almost a year into his retirement from the NBA, Shane Battier is still rooting for the Miami Heat and helping underserved kids get to college.

Shane Battier.

Shane Battier.

It'll be a full year this June since Shane Battier retired from the NBA. "It’s been an interesting year—I didn’t really know what to expect," says the former Miami Heat forward who helped the team win two championships in 2012 and 2013. "For the first time in my life I didn’t have practice time or game time or to go lift weights. It was a very different year for me—a very unfamiliar year compared to the last 20 years of my life."

So what does a star basketball player do with all of this unheard-of free time? Surprisingly, he's not playing much basketball (he'll rebound for his 6-year-old son—more on that below) but he has found his way back to the court; this summer Battier landed a gig with ESPN as a men's college basketball analyst. He also has more time to help underserved kids through The Battier Take Charge Foundation, which was established to provide children and teens with the support they need to further their education. Battier concedes, "Change is good. [This year] was a chance to stretch myself and I felt I grew from the experience."

Last week, Battier and his wife, Heidi, joined David Yurman at the jeweler's boutique at Bal Harbour Shops to launch the Men’s Faceted Metal Collection and raise funds for the Battier Take Charge Foundation (a portion of the evening's proceeds went to the organization). We chatted with Battier right before the event and found out why he wants to send kids to college, his favorite place to watch basketball in Miami, and what it really takes to be a pro ball player. >>Read More

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