Power Publicist: Annabelle Bovet

September 18, 2013 | by liana lozada | Talk of the Town

Annabelle Bovet  

From pre-med student to lifestyle PR maven—Annabelle Bovet is not your typical publicist. As the founder of Belle Plume Communications, the French-Brazilian Bovet has spearheaded campaigns for The News Lounge, Graspa Group, The Oceanaire Seafood Room, and Taste of the Grove. This October, she'll introduce Miami to The Alchemist, a nouvelle cuisine concept with just two seatings and two pre-set degustation menus.

>>First Look: The Alchemist's Multi-Sensory, Molecular Appeal 

What attracted you to public relations as a career? 
ANNABELLE BOVET: While a pre-med student in college, I was unhappy and decided to take an aptitude test. Results were clearly pointing me towards a very social and exciting profession. Though I had never heard of public relations before, I did my research and felt it was a great fit. To my parents’ heartbreak, I changed my major and have been in the business ever since.

And when did you form Belle Plume Communications?
AB: In late 2008. I had been with a small public affairs agency for a few years but felt that I wanted to focus on the lifestyle industry and get away from politics. Although I acquired invaluable experience in real estate development, fundraising, community relations, and public affairs, I was ready for a change. Starting my own agency allowed me the freedom to choose who to work with. It expanded my creative horizons in regards to strategies, events, and overall PR campaigns.

As a lifestyle publicist, how have you seen Miami evolve as a major city and culture hub? 
AB: Miami has always been a destination for the wealthy, so lifestyle PR is a natural business here. Progressively, real estate, fashion, and luxury goods have all participated in molding our city’s economic strength. With that said, today we see gastronomy and hospitality as growing industries with very exciting concepts and clients putting their stamp on South Florida. It’s fantastic to be part of it!

Public relations can be quite stressful. How do you unwind?
AB: I turn off my phone and spend time with people I love, either my husband or friends, depending who’s most accessible. My preferred activity is going out for a non-rushed meal. I love sharing food and good times, no phones allowed.

What are your biggest projects and clients for fall?
AB: I couldn't pass on working with The Alchemist, a new restaurant opening in Midtown this October. The concept is very new to Miami and it should be an exciting one to introduce to our savvy foodie community. Chef Christophe Chastang will be bringing incredible techniques and flavors together.  

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