When J. Wallace Tutt III died this past June in the Bahamas, friends around the world mourned the loss of a shining light who not only brought vitality and innovation to his interior- design and development work but also fun and illumination to their lives. When Ocean Drive published this profile in 1999, Tutt was already lauded for his work on the Miami residences of Cher, Thomas Kramer and, most famously, Gianni Versace, whose Casa Casuarina is seen here in images by Dan Forer. Tutt was about to begin work on his ultimate masterpiece, Rock House on Harbour Island, where he went on to become the consummate host to friends and strangers alike. (The Angler’s hotel on Washington Avenue was his last Miami project, completed in 2007.) As Princess Sybil de Bourbon Parme told writer John Buchanan for this story, “He doesn’t just rebuild homes. He rebuilds lives…. He just takes everything in hand and makes it work for the better, and that’s why he’s so successful.” Here’s to a man who helped create the Miami we cherish today.

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