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Questions With: Theophilus London

Rising hip-hop star Theophilus London helps the W South Beach continue its anniversary celebration.

July 28, 2011

Theophilus London, one of hip-hop’s most promising new stars, takes the stage in Miami this weekend as part of the W South Beach’s continuing celebration of its two-year anniversary. We caught up with London to find out what is on his radar right now. (RSVP for tonight’s performance here.)

Where do you normally spend time when visiting Miami?
THEOPHILUS LONDON: Mostly at the W, which isn’t too bad. [laughs] I like to spend time with friends on the beach. It’s difficult when I’m working to get out and enjoy the city. I need to come back on vacation. I really like Miami.

What can we expect to hear at the W performance?
TL: A lot of songs from my new album, Timez Are Weird These Days, and also some familiar favorites from my mixtape [This Charming Mixtape], too. The mixtape is so loved by the crowd and they sing along and it’s great. Mixtape is how I found my devoted followers.

Who are you listening to lately?
TL: Oh, I’ve been listening to The Throne album, Kanye and Jay-Z’s new work. It’s a great album and they’re doing really exciting work.

You’re known for your stylish ways. What are you wearing these days?
TL: I just bought a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes and some vintage 1940 black leather polo boots which go half way to the knee. A Raf Simmons blazer because I love the fit. To me fashion is about the fit. Lots of Jordans because I couldn’t afford all the ones I wanted as a kid. I also like to create my own stuff so I work with my tailor.

Where do you go shopping when you’re in Miami?
TL: No offense, but I don’t. Too much Ed Hardy here.

You obviously haven’t been to The Webster.
TL: No, I haven’t. But…

Kayne shops there.
TL: OK. Give me the address.


A New Summer Shoe Staple

Osklen's newest shoes make fashion more sustainable than ever.

July 27, 2011

Now that summer is in full swing it’s time to give your boat shoes a much-needed break. For a beach-friendly alternative to the summer staple, check out these silk weave shoes from the Brazilian born boutique Osklen. Made of handpicked, abandoned cocoon found in the Amazon Rainforest, these tan treasures ($347) are a perfect salute to environmental sustainability. They are also extremely comfortable and a perfect example of casual chic. Osklen, 1101 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, 305-532-8977

—Jonathan Borge


Bag Trend: PS1

Come fall The Webster is all about Proenza Schouler’s PS1 bag.

July 25, 2011

FROM LEFT: Proenza Schouler's PS1 in small ($1,150), medium ($1,595) and large ($1,995)

Proenza Schouler’s PS1 bag has garnered an enormous following, and The Webster will receive an exclusive collection this fall. To tide you over until then, choose from these three colorful options for the season.


Home Accessory: Glass Tumblers

We’ll tumble for these glass tumblers from Ania.

July 25, 2011

These Ania glass tumblers ($38) at Gretel are perfect for entertaining and inspired by Polish folk patterns that remind us of Moroccan glassware. The glasses are crafted in Poland and sold as a set of four in a choice of black, red (PICTURED) or peacock blue.


We Scream for Ice Cream

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with three of our favorite frozen treats.

July 22, 2011

Red Shiso, Pisco Sour and Green-Apple Wasabi sorbets at Sushi Samba

July happens to be National Ice Cream Month. To celebrate we picked three of our favorite takes on the traditional frozen treat. Grab a spoon…

Pisco Sour Sorbet at Sushi Samba
Grey Goose popsicles
are all the rage at parties, but at end of a meal we love that same adult twist found in the Pisco Sour sorbet at Sushi Samba. Although it usually comes with two other flavors, we suggest asking for a triple shot. “I use three different juices: lemon, lime and yuzu,” explains pastry chef Michelle Duran. “The lemon and lime juices are hand-squeezed in this process, which takes a little bit longer but I find it rears a better result. I then add the pisco right before each spin. [Then] there is a distinct flavor of the pisco throughout.” 600 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach 305-987-8885

Nitro Ice Cream at Haven
Ice cream gets a dollop of sophistication and a blast of nitrogen at Haven. Sub-zero Nitro Ice Cream— made to order with fruit, nut and candy mix-ins—comes in two flavors a day that change daily. We favor Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cuatro Leches (Guava Pastry is also popular). Even better? Thanks to Haven’s 5 AM last call and one-shot servings, the treat is a perfect late-night guilty pleasure. 1237 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, 305-987-8885

Cake N’ Shake at Sweetness Bakeshop or SugarRush food truck
Ice cream and cake have been friends for a long time, but the team behind Sweetness and SugarRush has sweetened the partnership by throwing both into a blender for Cake N’ Shakes. On the truck diners have the option of vanilla or chocolate ice cream blended with red velvet, vanilla or chocolate cake. The bake shop offers eight rotating flavors of ice cream and any cake flavor, along with mix-ins like salted caramel or candy. Go over the top with the brownie shakes and the G.O.A.T.  (Greatest of All Time) cookie shakes. Sweetness, 9549 SW 72 St., 305-271-7791


Save The Date: Fashion’s Night Out

Mark your calendar now for the biggest night in fashion retail.

July 21, 2011

The official Fashion's Night Out tote

Fashion’s Night Out returns this fall. On September 8 more than 100 cities in the US will participate in the third annual Fashion’s Night Out, a night marked by fashion shows, celebrities, shopping, cocktails, music and more. Miami’s installment is sure to be fabulous, and we will report on it more as the big night draws near. In the mean time, follow Fashion’s Night Out on Twitter.


Swim Week Dispatch

Exotic prints and gold hues trended on day three of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

July 20, 2011

FROM LEFT: 2012 looks by Mara Hoffman and Caffé Swimwear  

Caffé Swimwear
Models in the Caffé Swimwear presentation had refreshingly curvy forms and girl-next-door looks. The well-chosen muses gave spectators an idea of what the designs would look like on real women—a pleasant surprise. Louise Row and Kate Upton sat front and center as bold tribal prints with gold loop-side detailing and mismatched tops and bottoms showcased next season’s sure-to-hit gold trend. From what we’ve seen the metallic hue will apparently be everywhere: cuffs, platforms, beading and every other detail you can think of. Our personal favorite? The line’s take on the cheetah print showcased in a neon pink, orange and light blue one-piece.

Click here for video from the Caffé Swimwear 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show

Dolores Cortés
Dolores Cortés took a risk sending models down the runway with eyes adorned in bright, parrot-like fuchsia and purple eyeshadows—and it paid off. Then again, everything in Cortés’s collection—from sheer hot pink palazzo pants and casual bedhead to feathered jewelry accents—was risky, and that made it all the more enjoyable. We loved the plastic-looking black floral cutouts and designs that straddled the line between one and two-piece suits. What really stood out were the ready-to-wear as swimwear looks shown in everything from a romper to a full-on jumpsuit and all cut in swim-ready fabric. Tribal prints and pinks were everywhere and Cortés’ pretty turquoise take on camouflage was definitely more glitz than guerilla.

Click here for video from the Dolores Cortés 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show

Mara Hoffman
Mara Hoffman has always loved the tribal look and this year she went all the way. Sheer, flowing dresses, neon tribal prints and crochet accents all had a strong sense of Egypt. Wooden bangles uniformly adorned right and left wrists like cuffs and Hoffman’s King Tut print reigned supreme. A beach bag blanketed in tassels was juxtaposed with fringe accents, feather-like prints and animal-printed harem pant jumpsuits and mixed seamlessly with long coral kaftans. All in all, the show proved that Mara Hoffman continues to take chances while staying true to her trademark style.

Click here for video from the Mara Hoffman 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show

—Christine Borges
photograph by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz


Swim Week Dispatch

Day two of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim brings a bridal suit and tropical trends.

July 20, 2011

Poko Pano
The “Girl from Ipanema” has landed in Miami, thanks to Poko Pano designer Paola Robba. Models for the brand sauntered down the runway like Carmen Miranda in pineapple prints and tropical colors with flowers in their hair. Poko Pano’s woman is minimalist when it comes to her embellishments and the suits reflected a sophisticated yet effortless style sensibility. Trimmings were kept simple while the focus stayed on cuts and prints. One might have to spend a little extra time at the gym to wear the line’s sexy cut bottoms which left little to the imagination, though. As for cover-ups they went from long and neutral to short and colorful with bright prints. One of our favorite suits was a tankini with a twinge of glamour lent by a corset top. Overall, the show was a breath of fresh air chock-full of flattering, fun pieces that were sexy and playful while still being elegant enough to sport beside any upscale beach or pool.

Click here for video from the Poko Pano 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show

Beach Bunny
The name alone reminds us of Playboy bunnies, so it’s no surprise that Beach Bunny was perhaps the raciest show of Fashion Week Swim with models walking the runway in boudoir-inspired bikinis. Model Kate Upton jiggled and giggled her way down the catwalk, earning roars of applause from the crowd. While the red-lipped vixens in glittering suits were fun, it was the bridal collection finale that brought the house down. Ms. Upton walked out in a throwback bridal bikini, which must have been inspired by Madonna's “Like a Virgin” getup, and played the role of the ever-so-attention-loving bride. Women in search of glittery, risqué suits will most definitely be sporting Beach Bunny next season.

Click here for video from the Beach Bunny 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show

L*Space by Monica Wise
Billowy tube top-style belted one-pieces and lace-back tops reigned supreme at L*Space by Monica Wise. The spring 2012 designs will definitely appeal to jetsetters with trunks of fringed tops, draped maxi skirts, tribal prints and wide brim fedoras. From undone rompers with crochet finishes to lace shorts, the first half of the collection spanned all things resortwear while an intermission featuring two scantily clad Samba dancers provided a segue for the show’s next phase. Onlookers were then transported to the tropics with every model sporting actual sand on their derrières, as a nod to how authentic this beach bum attire can actually get.—CHRISTINE BORGES

Click here for video from the Beach Bunny 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show

Wildfox Swim
is all about the little details. Zipper-back swimsuits, high-waisted sailor bottoms and neon two-pieces grabbed our attention while small, topsy-turvy floral prints and underwire bralette tops spoke to vintage lovers. Horses also seemed to be a big theme in the brand’s resort 2012 collection, as were animal prints and entire star constellations. Ruffles and lace were added as accents and proved a risk worth taking for the brand’s new swimwear line.—C.B.

Click here for video from the Wildfox Swim 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show

photographs by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz


Lisa Pliner Suits Up

A post-catwalk chat with the venerable shoe designer during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

July 19, 2011

Pliner at the Nicolita Swimwear show  

Not even dark storm clouds, considerable humidity and a little liquid sunshine could dampen Monday’s Nicolita Swimwear runway show, where special guest Lisa Pliner, designer of Lisa for Donald J Pliner, walked the catwalk without apology.

With the beautiful Raleigh Hotel as the backdrop, the event was the genius of Nicolita designer Nicole Di Rocco, who handpicked Pliner for the show’s femme fatale finale. Pliner’s specially designed jet-black swimsuit was nothing short of stunning. After the show—in a kick-off-your-heels-and-tell-it-like-it-is discussion—Pliner shared insights on fashion, footwear, being forty-plus and why Miami is not Milan.

How did you become so intimately involved in this show and do you think it makes a statement about age and the fashion industry?
LISA PLINER: The Nicolita collection is as beautiful and dynamic as the designer who created it, Nicole Di Rocco. [Nicole] approached me with the idea of walking with the other girls and I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to remind women, and men, everywhere that sexy is not just a twenty something phenomenon. I am 47 and I still feel sexy. I hope that my involvement—in a bathing suit—will send a positive message. And what better way to make my point than to walk the walk?

Is being a part of a show where your shoes are featured breaking any rules?
LP: I am not one who is known for breaking the rules—that’s just not my style. But, if you must know, I make the rules. 

As someone who lives, works and raises a family in Miami, what are your thoughts on the local fashion culture?
LP: Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. But for me Miami is not Paris or Milan. But Paris and Milan is not Miami, nor should we even compare them. This city is vibrant, colorful and full of diversity. It is a city that has sabor and it makes no apologies. Miami is enigmatic, can leave you speechless and is never at a loss for words.

—Joshua Estrin


About Face: Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever makeup artist Damian Castellanos gives tips on how to achieve the perfect summer makeup trends.

July 18, 2011

Make Up For Ever—the official makeup of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim—makes a splash when it comes to head-turning looks. We caught up with Make Up For Ever artist and educator Damian Castellanos for advice on how to execute the hottest makeup trends of the summer.

Neon Brights
Get The Look: Apply a thin swipe of black liquid liner along the upper lash line, following the natural shape of the eye. Choose your favorite shade of neon—pink, purple, turquoise—and draw a slightly thicker line just above the black liner. The line should increase in thickness at the outer corner of the eye, so if needed you can go back to the center of the eye and apply additional liner moving outward. The end result is a modern yet sophisticated look that adds just the right amount of color to the lids. For those who are color shy, the trick is to focus on one feature, either the eyes or the lips. Choose a flattering shade of bright pink lipstick and pair it with more neutral eye makeup, or try a bright green or turquoise shadow on the lids and a glossy nude lip.

Yellow Lids
Get the Look: If you choose yellow, you want the color to look rich. Stay away from pastels. Deeper skin tones look best in warmer yellows that have a slight hint of orange (such as marigold) while fairer skin tones look great in shades of canary or lemon. When it comes to yellow less is more, so apply to the lid but stay away from the crease.

Barely-There Makeup
Get the Look: The biggest misconception about the no-makeup look is that it requires only moisturizer. You need a handful of products to really perfect the look. Start with a lightweight, water-based foundation, which will help the skin look supple and naturally healthy. Using a contouring powder or bronzer, highlight the cheek bones to add some dimension to the face. Next apply a neutral taupe eye shadow all over the lid to the brow bone, followed by a coat of black mascara. Finish with a nude pink lip. (If the lip is too pale it will wash out the entire face.)

Orange Lips
Get the Look: Deeper skin tones are ideal for a true shade of orange. Line and fill in the lips with a vibrant orange liner, and then apply a matching shade of lipstick. (Filling in the lips with liner helps the lipstick stay put longer.) If you have fairer skin, a shade that is a bit more red or rusty orange—or even peach or coral—will work best.

Glowing Skin
Get the Look: I recommend a cream-based luminizer to highlight the skin. For cheeks choose a golden or bronzy pink shade and apply using a brush starting from the lower cheek bones all the way up to the temples. Finish the look by applying to the brow bone. Finish with a neutral eye shadow, a swipe of mascara and a nude glossy lip.

—Christine Borges

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