Paris-based architect Francis Krempp designed Nespresso’s new 3,900-square-foot space at 1111 Lincoln Road

Few American cities are as coffee-obsessed as Miami, which flaunts its caffeinated culture everywhere from the outposts of Seattle behemoths to the corner Cuban cafes. But now a new, decidedly European mood has taken hold with the recent opening of the Nespresso Boutique Bar in the hipper-than-thou 1111 Lincoln Road building. A 3,900-square-foot lounge and shop with 30-foot ceilings, the dramatic space was designed by Parisian architect Francis Krempp to not only capture the international spirit of Nespresso but also reflect the vibrancy of South Beach itself.

“For the first time ever we wanted to make something specific for Miami,” says Frederic Levy, president of Nespresso North America, who cites Art Deco gems such as the Delano as inspiration for the boutique’s sleek, sinewy lines and Modernist shapes. “But of course we also wanted our customers to feel the Nespresso experience, an environment they are comfortable with around the world, from Paris to Tokyo.”

Founded in Switzerland in 1986 by Nestlé, Nespresso is based on the concept of individualized coffee capsules that can replicate the barista’s art easily and quickly. The company’s novel idea and superior quality soon attracted legions of clients—“club members,” as they’d have it—which led to the opening of the first Boutique Bar in Munich. The Miami location is one of eight in the United States, with additional cities to come.

Clients residing outside flagship Nespresso locations order their preferred coffee varieties— now numbering 16 in flavors from strong to mild, intense to aromatic—either online or by phone. Levy says a key reason Miami was chosen is that the city boasts the second-highest number of club members in the country, after New York: “More people know good coffee in Miami than in many other places. They are asking for a gourmet, betterquality product. The demand for that in the US overall reflects a very strong trend.”

In addition to a barista bar and lounge—sandwiches, salads and desserts complement the various espresso and lungo (long) grand crus—the boutique doubles as a full-scale shop, offering the complete range of highly stylized Nespresso machines, coffee capsules and accoutrements such as trays, cups and silverware. Krempp’s pièce de résistance is a three-story, brilliantly colored Capsule Wall to the rear of the store, made up entirely of grand cru sleeves. This sense of bold yet elegant design is reflected in the machines themselves, many of which gleam in rich blacks, reds and whites. “This is part of our mission,” Levy says, citing Nespresso’s multiple Red Dot Awards, one of the design industry’s most prestigious honors. “Your machine is the first thing you look at every morning in your kitchen. The idea of Nespresso is to make something special—not just our coffee, but also an extraordinary object in your house.” 

1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, 800-562-1465;

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