It’s hard to believe neighboring Joe’s Stone Crab has a good 90 years on Myles Chefetz’s Prime One Twelve, which has become just as synonymous with Miami’s celebrity-drenched, wait-and-be-seen dining scene. The man who keeps them coming back is Mike Sabin, executive chef of the Myles Restaurant Group.

OCEAN DRIVE: Tell us a little about each restaurant’s identity?
MIKE SABIN: Prime Italian, built on a one-pound Kobe meatball, now has its own following and devoted clientele. Nemo recently underwent a face-lift and is now Prime Fish, focusing on doing for seafood what Prime One Twelve did for steak. There’s also Prime Hotel, where you can enjoy Prime One Twelve’s menu in a modern setting without the well-known wait. If you’re set on having dinner at Prime One Twelve, opt for earlier or later dining times.

What’s the celeb quotient at Prime One Twelve?
Stars come to Prime One Twelve every single night. Recently, we’ve had Dwyane Wade, Kim Kardashian and Ludacris. Wade watched LeBron’s Decision at Prime Hotel and then walked through the main dining room, where guests erupted into cheers and began chanting, ‘Let’s go, Heat.'

What are some of the most popular dishes at Prime One Twelve?
The fried chicken and waffles has become a phenomenon. We make the malt waffles from scratch, and we soak the chicken in buttermilk overnight. The dish has almost achieved the cult status of our fried Oreos.

That brings us to dessert. Any standouts?
When it comes to dessert, it’s all decadence and comfort. We even make fresh doughnuts. There are also fried Ho Hos.

What’s your philosophy on service?
We never say no to a customer. If there is something they want, we do it. Service is important to me; it’s one of the reasons why on my night off you may catch me at Clarke’s. They have good service and the best Guinness on the Beach.

What to Order at Prime One Twelve

Starter: Deviled eggs with white truffle and caviar
Entrée: Fried chicken and waffles with maple syrup 
Dessert: Warm dulce de leche bread pudding with candied walnuts & vanilla ice cream

Prime 112, 112 Ocean Dr., 305-532-8112; Prime Italian, 101 Ocean Dr., 305-695-8484; Prime Fish, 100 Collins Ave., 305-532-4550


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