What are some of your other favorite menu items?
I love the classics, such as a perfectly tender-on-the-inside-and-crispy-on-the-outside duck confit, a hearty coq au vin or a boeuf aux carrottes that melts in your mouth.

Tell us about your Miami chef, Jarrod Verbiak.
Jarrod is originally from Cleveland, with Eastern European roots and a love of good food. He came to Daniel in New York right out of the Culinary Institute of America, and did his externship with us almost nine years ago. I’ve promoted him through four of my restaurants since then. From New York to Palm Beach, Las Vegas and even Beijing, he has proven himself determined, talented, consistent and a good leader.

Your wine list, quite appropriately, has a focus on French offerings.
It’s no surprise that we favor French. But here in Miami, sommelier John Mayfield has also really sought out wonderful Argentine and Chilean wines. We wanted his cellar to offer discoveries that are also great values, so you’ll find bottles starting at $25.

What do you make for yourself at home?
Usually something cooked long and slow, a falling-off-the-bone dish that creates its own sauce and can be cooked in one pot. I devoted my book Braise: A Journey Through International Cuisine to this kind of homey cooking. In winter I like a paleron de boeuf braised in red wine with bacon, or a delicious pork shoulder braised in Guinness with dried cherries.

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