Welcome to our monthly Find. Eat. Drink. trending report, highlighting the top five spots where chefs, bartenders, and industry pros are eating and drinking around Miami.

1. The Bent Fork at The Federal: Recommended by Simon Stojanovic 

the bent fork at the federal miami
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“A must-try spot,” say chef Simon Stojanovic, who is such a fan of The Federal that he is doing a pop-up here on Monday nights through March called The Bent Fork. The menu is designed around his shopping trips to the local farms where he harvests his own produce. 5132 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, 786-374-6960

2. Barceloneta: Recommended by Ramsey Pimentel and Trevor Alberts 

barceloneta restaurant in miami
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“A great local spot with amazing paella,” recommends bartender Ramsey Pimentel (The Ritz-Carlton, Porcao Farm-to-Grill). “It comes in a pot straight to your table.” Bartender Trevor Alberts comes here for the wide selection of gin and tonics, done Spanish style. “They have a list posted on a chalkboard with different pairings that they do with gins, tonics, and fruits,” says Alberts. 1400 20th St., Miami, 305-538-9299; 5850-B Sunset Dr., Miami, 305-665-0020 

3. Scarpetta Fontainebleau: Recommended by Michael Pirolo 

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“Scarpetta changed Italian food in Miami when it opened,” says chef Michael Pirolo, who cooks his own Italian food at Macchialina Taverna Rustica. “Chef Nina Compton is doing an exceptional job here. No visit would be complete without the spaghetti pomodoro.” 4441 Collins Ave., Miami, 305-674-4660

4. Football Sandwich Shop: Recommended by Michael Gilligan

football sandwich shop in miami
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“This is my secret spot,” says Rusty Pelican chef Michael Gilligan of this hot pink sandwich shop. “I order the B.L.T.—crunchy, warm bread, applewood smoked bacon, served with homemade pickles. Simple and perfect.” 8484 N.E. 2nd Ave., Miami, 305-759-3602

5. Blackbrick Chinese: Recommended by Daniel Serfer 

black brick chinese restaurant in miami
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“It’s a small, indie-operated Midtown Chinese restaurant. The food is really good with fresh noodles daily and lots of chiles,” says Blue Collar chef Daniel Serfer of this new spot by chef Richard Hales of Sakaya Kitchen. You’ll find hand-made noodles, house-made charcuterie and tofu, and lots of nose-to-tail dishes from whole lamb and pig on the menu. 3451 N.E. 1st Ave, Miami, 305-573-8886


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