Smokin’: “I want that man from the Carolinas who knows how to make a mean barbecue to come into my kitchen totally suspicious. Then he’ll see that we have built a legit barbecue kitchen! We have an Aztec wood-burning grill, I built my own cold smokehouse in here and we have a Bewley barbecue pit. It’s beautiful.”

Rib ticklers: “Q to me is ribs, ribs and ribs. The dry-rubbed spareribs that we make with a secret molasses concoction are absolutely delicious. We also put a little bit of glaze on them. They pull off the bone easily and are real meaty and juicy. I love them!”

Get ’em while they’re fresh: “I garnered much of my reputation by being an extremely good fish cook with a light touch. So at Fin I am going to serve four types of fish per night, which will depend on what my local guys bring in. The dishes will probably change as the day goes by and we run out of a particular fish.”

Head trip: “I bought some bay shrimp this morning that were still kicking in the ice. They just pulled them out today off of Key Biscayne. When we popped their heads off—because we are serving them popcorn-style—the heads were still moving. That is fresh!”

Small is beautiful: “Fin has only 32 seats; it follows the trend of small box restaurants with a lot of attention. I have two cooks who work with me at this restaurant and don’t do anything else. They clean the fish, cook it, tell me if something doesn’t look right, and make sure that everything is ready. That is all they have to do. Fin is about simplicity, attention and freshness.”

Flavors of Fin: “Since we have the Aztec wood-burning grill we’ll cook some things there, like the salmon. But we will mostly be steaming and sautéing. We sauté slowly and don’t pan-fry. All sides will be organic and local: potatoes, broccoli, local greens. Most everything will be cooked with organic butter, great olive oils, lemon and herbs. It is not complicated. The fish is the star.”

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