New York City may be America’s capital of frozen yogurt, with competitive, cult-inspiring brands Red Mango, Pinkberry and Tasti D-Lite blanketing every block. But I’m thrilled that Miami now has copious access to a level of frozendessert deliciousness Manhattanites can only dream of: Yogen Früz. While the brand set up shop in downtown Miami and South Miami what feels like ages ago, it opens a brandnew Lincoln Road location this month. It makes perfect sense that a Canadian company would excel in the business of ice and chill, and my fellow fro-yo connoisseurs will surely be impressed: Yogen’s smooth, refreshing goodness is tartish without being too tart, and creamy without giving you that it’s-so-smooth-itmust- be-laced-with-somescary- chemicals hunch. And thanks to some one billion viable probiotic cultures in each serving, this lowfat, low-calorie treat keeps your digestion on track (i.e., your stomach flat), which is more than you can say for Häagen- Dazs. 521 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach;

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