Are you looking to attract a celebrity clientele at The Royal?
Again, having celebrities come in is great. It adds excitement for all the guests dining in the restaurant. But it’s important that locals feel the love and know The Royal is for them.

Do you have a favorite tool in the kitchen?
I love my microplane. It allows me to delicately shave little snowflakes of Reggiano Parmesan or white truffles on just about anything. I also love cipollini onions—and I admit I may use them too much.

Where do you like to dine in Miami?
I love Cecconi’s restaurant at the new Soho Beach House. Also, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, Michy’s and Zuma.

How can our readers start cooking like a professional chef in their own homes?
Don’t be afraid of adding salt and pepper. And use fresh, local ingredients. Keep it simple!   

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