FROM LEFT: Laurent Bourgade; Russell Welker; Jesse Deville.


Previous gigs: The Living Room, Pearl, Nikki Beach, Level, Mynt
How to guarantee no access: Wear a tight Ed Hardy T-shirt.
Biggest asshole: Former heavyweight champion of the world Michael Moorer
Miami club scene versus other cities: Miami is a very difficult city due to its high and low seasons. Unlike in NYC, Paris or London, where the A-list is there almost all year long, you have to adapt in Miami. I end up pissing off a lot of locals when the big weeks—Art Basel, WMC, New Year’s—come around.
What would no one expect about you? Despite the image I project, I always feel guilty turning people away. I truly care about giving them a chance to have a fun night.


Previous gigs: Cain and GoldBar in New York
How to guarantee no access: Mispronounce the name you’re dropping to get in.
Biggest asshole: Puffy, Diddy, whatever his name is
Surprisingly sweet: Cameron Diaz
Best tipper: Ice-T
Miami club scene versus other cities: In New York, patrons choose to tip on the way out, instead of trying to bribe their way in.
Worst job you ever had: Roofing in the Florida summer sun
What would no one expect about you? I sing country music in the shower.


Previous gigs: As a doorman, the Shore Club. As a DJ, Suite, Snatch, Automatic Slims, The Florida Room, Love Hate
Best way to get through your velvet ropes: Be polite, patient and dress well.
How to guarantee no access: Shout, scream, drop names and wear Ed Hardy Ts. And girls thinking 400cc’s of saline in their chest is a free pass—it’s not.
Surprisingly sweet: Paris Hilton—I fully expected her to be a bitch.
Most overrated virtue: Confidence. Knowing when to humble yourself is important.
Least favorite word: Brewski. It should be struck from the dictionary.
You are obsessed with:Cars. Vintage or new, I like to drive.
What would no one expect about you? I’m really a brunette.

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