Harry's Pizzeria meatball pizza
  Harry's Pizzeria laid-back Design District spot is a hit right out of the gate

Hot Tables

But celebrity guests? That’s a different story. They seem to be a requirement. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, the Design District phenom, is filled with them, from Jennifer Aniston to Jamie Oliver to Pharrell Williams. And a glossy headshot certainly helps to get a reservation at either Joe’s Stone Crab or Prime One Twelve, both of which consistently place in the upper echelons of top-grossing restaurants in the nation. Besides being nominated for a James Beard Award, Prime regularly shows up in the society column, with such celebrity fans as Shaquille O’Neal and Will Smith calling this unique steakhouse their second home. The eatery has been open since 2003 and, according to owner Myles Chefetz, had sales of about $21 million last year.

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