A little more lowbrow—yet technically above the brow—The Golden Mullet Awards were a mock tribute to heavy-metal hair styles, held after a performance of Broadway’s metal-jukebox hit, Rock of Ages. One of the illustrious winners, Will Swenson from the alltoo- appropriate Broadway show Hair, thanked God for his follicles and mockingly referred to a losing nominee by crowing, “Suck on it, Stamos!”

Rather than bang my head around in cramped, cozy New York, I got to go on side trips and open my palette of experiences to wider spaces where my hair can rise. Pam Grier turned up at the House of Blues in Atlantic City for a gala L Word reunion. There, the ’70s-blaxploitation-vixen-turned-TV-star told me she has finished her memoirs, “and I’m still in therapy from that. Several cases of wine later….” I consoled her on the toll this may have taken on her, but I was actually kind of thrilled: Soon there’ll be another book party!

IMAGE: Diane von Furstenberg

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