“My grandparents’ house in Pinar del Rio was the inspiration for Farside,” he explains in the “Ways of Worldmaking” catalog. “They had ‘la casa de al lado,’ the house next door, and it seemed to us such a natural connection. So we emptied out whatever was there, purchased some lights, did the touchup painting, and lo and behold—an alternative art space.” Still, Mosquera hasn’t been content to merely address art-scene regulars.

Since 2000 his orthodontics office has also hosted “Art @ Work,” allowing artists to present their creations far from the familiar white walls of a traditional gallery setting. Some shows have been an immediate hit—no one, adult or child, can resist breaking into a smile at the sight of Pablo Cano’s marionettes. Others spark more varied responses, and often heated waiting-room debates. “After a couple of years, you’d be amazed how many of my patients have become art critics,” Mosquera chuckles.

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