CEO, YoungArts. Right-brained is right: “It’s so frustrating when someone points at a painting and says, ‘My three-year-old could do that—why should people give to the arts?’” says DePaul, president and CEO of YoungArts, a national organization (with a regional office on Brickell Avenue) dedicated to nurturing and supporting young artists as they pursue their dreams. She moved to Miami two years ago from Washington, DC, where she worked as senior vice president of the Corcoran Gallery of Art and also served as dean of its College of Art + Design. “If companies hired more artists as opposed to business people, our country would probably be in much better shape.” Young at art: DePaul loves her work with what she calls the “cool, half-built and unfinished” sophomore-and-up-aged kids who are part of the program. “It’s incredible to be a surrogate and a bridge for them, and help them get there.” Ubiquitous talent: “Someone who went to art and design school had something to do with every single thing that you touched from the first moment you opened your eyes this morning,” says the self-professed “serious-arts advocate” and trained sculptor, who counts anodized aluminum among her favorite media. “You got into your car, got dressed, picked up your coffee cup and newspaper, then turned on your computer. It goes on and on: Take all of that away and just imagine your life.” —Suzy Buckley


Favorite wine: I’m really more of a Champagne person, but I can’t resist a 1997 Tignanello.

Fragrance: I love the smell of Chanel No. 5 because it reminds me of my mother.

Now playing on your iPod: Radiohead, Chopin nocturnes, Gomez, Roxy Music

If you weren’t in the art business, you’d be: In politics trying to find more funding for arts education

Favorite artist: Currently, Doug Aitken. I’m proud to say he is a YoungArts alumnus. Nobody is doing anything as interesting as he is right now.

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