Designer, Touche Muah lingerie. The simple things: “Growing up, I made my own clothes and bikinis for my little sister with a Singer sewing machine,” recalls Havana-born Giro, revealing her early interest in design. The former international model has gone on to launch a unique line of organic bamboo lingerie named Touche Muah. Back to basics: “I wanted to create underwear for men that women can wear, too,” she says of her line’s broad appeal. The added value for women is that she modified the thong: “The panties are made very low in the back so it doesn’t show above the pants.” Say goodbye to the fashion faux pas of an unsightly string. The boxer shorts and bras also deliver that same carefree comfort and invisibility. —Tish Johnson Cook


Most unforgettable party: My surprise 30thbirthday party at The Forge

A prized possession you’ll never part with: My grandmother’s wedding ring that she gave me the day I left Cuba

Favorite place for cocktails in Miami: The rooftop at Casale. It is beautiful and has a magnificent atmosphere.

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