Troy Kurtz and Josh Lekach

Origins: Lekach, right, 23, was born in Miami into a storied family of successful businessmen. Kurtz, 22, is from Texas but grew up in Vero Beach, which he refers to as “a small town with no nightlife.” Local haunts: As DJ Pocket Change, Lekach spins locally at Redroom, Rokbar and Cafeina. Kurtz is a prolific musical talent, enjoying residencies at White Room on Saturdays and new gigs at Klutch and Mokaï. A recent UM grad with a double-major in broadcast journalism and English, Kurtz would have made the dean’s list his last semester, “had I not gone to New York five times to work.” On the horizon: Lekach and Kurtz just signed on with McFilmworks production company for their TV project, SPUN, the first reality show to chronicle club scenes around the world. He broke the piggy bank to shoot the pilot, a hilarious romp through New York City to attend a gig at The Empire Hotel. The 25-minute episode is a testament to Lekach’s unshakable drive. “I have a clear vision of what needs to be done and how to do it,” he says. Kurtz admits shooting was uncomfortable for him but says “it’s fun to watch, because nothing ever goes right.”
—Henry Quintero

Favorite cocktail:
Jack and ginger
What you usually drink: Comp bottles at promoters’ tables. Thanks, bros.
Goals for 2010: Fame, fortune and a girlfriend
Biggest vice: Pretty girls who wear black and look sad

Favorite cocktail:
Whiskey on the rocks
Where you drink: Deuce bar at 5 AM, after a long night
Biggest turn-off: Sandals
Favorite hangout: Electric Pickle on Saturday nights
Celebrity you’d like to meet: Spencer Pratt, so I could punch him in the face

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