Laura Buccellati

Family jewels: “I’m a real girly girl: I was always the child wearing a handbag and a cute barrette,” laughs Buccellati, 39, whose grandparents— Maria and Mario Buccellati—founded the famous, high-end Italian jewelry company that bears their name. Last year, she too dove into the business of luxury, launching an eponymous line of classic handbags made of crocodile, stingray, lizard, ostrich, suede and leather. Beauty in the bloodline: “My family has always insisted on everything being handmade, with extreme attention to detail,” says Buccellati, who has lived in Miami since she moved from New York when she was six years old. She earned an MBA from the University of Miami and spent a few years at a dot-com before delving into design. “I wanted to do something just for me, and to use my name to do something beautiful.” Move over, Hermès: “They’re very ladylike, classic designs that transcend whatever the fashion of the moment dictates,” she says of the handcrafted pieces, produced in northern Italy and available through private jeweler Jennifer Boin in Coral Gables. “They’re an investment— legacy pieces that transcend time.”
—Suzy Buckley

Worst fashion trend:
I can’t stand all the studs and “bedazzlement.”
You never leave home without: My BlackBerry and Chanel lip gloss
Best Miami dish: Any risotto dish at Quattro Next vacation destination:
Brazil Hobbies: I am a big yoga person—it’s a daily thing for me.
Celebrity, past or present, you’d like to meet: Audrey Hepburn
Languages: English and Italian

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