The adage that says luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity fits Jorge Arévalo like a bespoke suit. The new owner of One Bal Harbour Resort & Spa may be a little-known player in the hotel industry, yet he has the real estate pedigree to make this latest venture a tremendous success. “I was born with a hard-hat on. My family has been in the real estate business for many years,” says the Bogotá native. But despite local ties, Arévalo chose to make his mark away from home, departing at age 21 to study finance at the University of Miami.

It wasn’t long before Arévalo put his degree to work. With partner Thomas D. Sullivan, Arévalo acquired One Bal Harbour Resort & Spa for an enviable price tag last summer. “The hotel industry is evolving and many of the factors in the economy made it the right time,” he says.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the curvaceous glass-clad edifice stands 18 stories high with a unique design of only two rooms per floor, providing what very few hotels offer—an unparalleled level of privacy. “The term I came up with for the experience I want people to have here is ‘curated luxury,’” says Arévalo. “It’s a highly customized experience that caters to guests’ likes and dislikes.”

Arévalo notes the hotel’s forthcoming beach club as one of his passion points: “We want to create a club for like-minded people,” he says. “We’ll offer a private, upscale experience with great amenities—like beach cruisers—at a great rate.” And, for the hotel’s dog-loving clientele, One Bal Harbour offers a pet menu created by celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffmann, dog-walkers and a concierge service with access to the city’s best groomers and veterinarians.

Arévalo’s influences read like an A-list guide to the ultimate travel experience: “We want to combine the service of the Hotel George V in Paris, the gardens of Hotel du Cap, the timelessness of The Beverly Hills Hotel and the lifestyle of Cuixmala in Mexico. We want to have designers, people in the art world, a lot of musicians and Hollywood.”

One Bal Harbour Resort & Spa won’t be the only hotel experience of its kind, either. The ambitious entrepreneur has set his sights on penetrating new markets from New York and Aspen to Los Angeles in the hopes of becoming a major brand presence.

IMAGE: Jorge Arevalo

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