I always love to stop by Goldeneye, the former estate of James Bond author Ian Fleming that I purchased in 1977. Fleming created the character here and wrote a total of 14 Bond novels on the property, and in recent years it’s become one of the island’s most upscale resorts. After a relaxing swim and maybe a quick nap in the sun, I might meet some friends up at the Bizot Bar, where I’ll have a healthful, tasty late lunch of parrotfish or snapper, perfect with a glass of chilled rosé. To cap off the afternoon, I’ll take a trip up to Firefly, the former home of British playwright Noël Coward. It boasts yet another spectacular view of the Blue Mountains in all their 7,400-foot splendor.

At sunset, I’ll head back to Goldeneye and speed along the coast on a Yamaha WaveRunner (my favorite toy) so I can fully appreciate the breathtaking twilight and pristine shoreline. Evening cocktails call for a visit to the resort’s cabana bar, where mellow dub and reggae flow from the speakers all night long, either for dancing or just soaking up the ambience with a rum cocktail. Before heading back up to Strawberry Hill, I’ll take a nighttime swim in the property’s lagoon. We recently installed blue lights under the water, which make for a surreal and strangely calming end-of-the-night exercise. On a clear night, with the sky full of stars, it’s truly heaven on earth.

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