Judith Hofman is the vice president of licensing and promotions for Exim Licensing Group, which represents entertainment properties in Latin America and manages programs that target the US Latino community.

Born: Buenos Aires

Years in Miami Beach: 10

Leaves town for… “I love Playa del Carmen in Mexico. First, Mexican food is beyond belief; then, the white, never-ending sand always feels pleasantly cold; and to top it off, the turquoise waters are aweinspiring. This makes it the most relaxing sanctuary on earth.”

Comes back for… “The freedom! There are no limits in Miami. The energy one feels from the ocean and the many opportunities—all at your doorstep—lead you to constantly visualize and design new ideas.”

Words of wisdom: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; everything can be accomplished with hope and confidence.”—Helen Keller

Latest Miami infatuation: “I’m head-over-heels for Argentine jewelry designer Mariana Lopez Osornio’s handmade necklace collection, available at Anthropologie: The silver and vivid freshwaterpearls combination is definitely my favorite.” mlo.com.ar

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