Mommie dearest: “My mother, a former commercial photographer, has always been my most constructive critic, especially since I’ve never been formally trained in this medium. She’s also one of my main subjects.” Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary: “My work is prompted by manipulating everyday items like a chair or blouse. I’m interested in our ability to imbue such objects, spaces and actions with meaning, and equally the emotional impact that they can have on our persona.” Luddite tendencies: “I’m a little old fashioned with my work techniques, because I appreciate the ritual of shooting film as opposed to digital.” Recent work: “For Basel, I made a series of photos for the Spinello Gallery that portray people engulfed within everyday spaces that are difficult to maintain, such as a utensil drawer, Tupperware cabinet and cluttered garage. It questions the instinct and need to create structure with naturally messy environments. We’re planning a solo show in May.” -Rebecca Kleinman

JUST THE FACTS Your favorite things about Miami: The people and yearround barbecues

Cocktail crawl: I rarely go out, but Tap Tap, The Abbey, Magnum Lounge or Shuckers

Good grub: Captain Jim’s Seafood has pretty amazing conch fritters, but the absolutely best food I’ve had in Miami is from my stepfather’s fishing trips.

Second obsession: Houseplants

Sunday routine: Hanging out with friends and family, watering my plants or on a plane between Miami and San Francisco, where my boyfriend lives



Short and sweet: After just six months of working together at a marketing firm, Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito jumpstarted their joint lingerie venture. “This business would not exist without our partnership,” says Mejia. “When I met her we just clicked and we knew.” Rhymes with negligee: “We were watching a friend at a dance recital and that’s what she was chanting [‘eberjey’],” Mejia reveals when asked how they came up with the company’s Nigerian name, which means joy. Star appeal: “The celebrity with whom I’ve had the most contact is Liv Tyler. She contacted me and that makes it more personal.” Mejia also has Suri Cruise and her mom to thank for putting Eberjey’s Mini collection on the map. —Tish Johnson Cook


Playing in your studio: Jazz—Chet Baker and Nina Simone

Personal definition of sexy: Being comfortable in your own skin

In your next life you’d like to be: A stationery designer

A beauty product you can’t live without: Argan oil



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