Paul Joyce is proof positive that his company, Palm Beach Life Extension, generates amazing results. Just stand him next to any average middle-aged American man and compare: Joyce will be the guy bursting with energy, displaying almost no body fat, standing tall with a big smile and bright eyes, practically glowing from the inside out.

His secret? A combination of human growth hormone and testosterone, drugs that are met with much controversy despite Joyce’s conviction that they are entirely harmless and consistently effective at low doses.

Joyce, the company’s president, discovered HGH when he turned 40 and his wife started questioning where his mojo went. “My sex drive had diminished greatly,” he explains. “I had zero muscle mass and felt like I had no energy.”

So he looked to some friends in the hormone replacement business. “Within three weeks I noticed an unbelievable difference,” he reports. Though Joyce never dropped weight, he did lose five inches off his waist and watched the fat convert to muscle. He can also now knock out 44 pull-ups in one go and claims he has never felt sick since he began taking testosterone and HGH. And then there’s that “tremendous” increase in sex drive.

Thanks in part to celebrities like Suzanne Somers who have long touted the benefits of bioidentical hormones, many people are coming to terms with their need for hormone replacement therapy. Joyce says Palm Beach Life Extension, founded in 2003, has a regular client list that tops 4,000 and has steadily expanded over the years, despite a shaky economy. The average HGH user pays about $700 each month for treatments, along with another $50 a month for testosterone. Joyce says that while acne and water retention are possible side effects, there’s really no increase in hair loss when used in therapeutic doses, and HGH typically has no side effects at all at low doses.

The company will only treat adults over 30 years of age and requires potential clients to first obtain blood work and a wellness exam from a physician. Once a doctor confirms decreased hormone levels, the decision is made as to whether HGH, testosterone, bioidentical hormones, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone and/or a diet plan are appropriate. Clients receive the prescribed hormones in the mail. No office visits are required.

The company’s client base comprises A-list celebrities, soldiers and doctors (though athletes are turned away). Their average patient is male, in his mid-40s and middle class to wealthy. Many are returning to the dating world. “Detail to retail,” Joyce jokes.

Interestingly, in the Miami market, which Palm Beach Life Extension entered this past January, more women are inquiring about services than what they’ve seen in the past.

And despite the company’s promising name, the benefits of what Palm Beach Life Extension actually offers customers aren’t measured in years. “I don’t know if we’re extending people’s lives,” Joyce says, “but I do know we’re making the time they have better.”

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