Miami tri-fold leather wallet ($44), travel wallet ($72), and gold passport holder ($40), WESC. STND/OHWOW, The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, 40 Island Ave., 305-673-1717

Leather Accessories to Lust After
No gift-wrapping can compare with the luxurious luster of this magnificent leather collection. All these travel accessories require is a simple red ribbon to ensure memorable gifting presentation. “Right now I have projects being built everywhere from Los Angeles to Switzerland, Shanghai, and Australia,” says Chad Oppenheim, principal of Oppenheim Architecture & Design. “My wife and I spend half our time in transit. I know she’d love these travel pieces, because they’re simple and coordinated.” The glowing gold of this sumptuous trio will certainly stand out among the myriad items one carries on a daily basis. These sophisticated accessories are truly meant for the woman who has everything.

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