The Breakers has been a Palm Beach resort destination since 1896.

  TOP: The bar at Buccan. BOTTOM: Savannah Jane Buffett

Even though I consider myself a Miami resident these days, having the stomping ground of my youth a mere hour’s drive away always allows for a fun weekend jaunt. My family and I moved to Palm Beach when I was 14, and had an amazing place on South Ocean, right on the beach. I always take the Southern Boulevard exit on the way up so I can cruise through the old neighborhood. The waterfront homes are breathtaking, a true time capsule of architecture and nostalgia paying tribute to a bygone era when Slim Aarons photographed snowbird socialites sipping martinis by their pools.

One of my favorite activities is plopping down at the beach with a chicken-salad hoagie from Sandwiches by the Sea, a great locals’ takeout shop on South County Road. I’m a surfer, and people don’t realize that Palm Beach is a great surf town. For any and all beachy needs, from boards to bikinis, you can check out P.B. Boy’s and Girl’s Club (also on South County). It’s a clubhouse to many kids who grew up on the island, not to mention a great first job (myself included).

For me, The Breakers is the place to stay. Not only is it right on the beach, but it’s also a great playground for kids and grownups alike. The Seafood Bar makes a mean martini and has the coolest aquarium bar, with live fish that appear to be swimming in your cocktail. Then, of course, there are the pools, the golf, the tennis, the spa, and the water sports…. Like I said, a total playground. I have a soft spot in my heart for this resort—I attended the Young Friends of the Red Cross Ball in 1999 and held my Sweet 16 out by one of its pools.

It’s been amazing to see all the new chefs who have come to town: Michelle Bernstein at The Omphoy Ocean Resort, Clay Conley at Buccan, Daniel Boulud at Café Boulud. When I first moved here, there weren’t these kinds of options, mostly just old-guard classics like Ta-boo Restaurant, Renato’s, and Testa’s (which still makes a mean strawberry pie). My favorite for a Friday night is Echo on Sunrise Avenue. The fried rice and Palm Beach roll (a classic California roll smothered in baked conch) are not to be missed, along with a Firecracker cocktail—their killer version of a rum punch.

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