A sensational couple: Bruce Platt, who moved here from Utah, and his French wife, Aurelie. With partner Scott Parker, they own the very successful store Jalan Jalan in the Design District. Their lifestyle motto is to view the world as one entity, traveling to Bali, India, Thailand and Europe to find furniture, objects and accessories that create a balance and symmetry. In their spare time he loves racquetball, while she adores dancing.”




Enchanting humanitarian Josie Beeck, of Puerto Rican descent, is a documentarian whose films and books focus on the plight of refugees worldwide whose rights have been taken away. Married to pharmaceutical executive Rudy Beeck, she also entertains brilliantly and maintains an extensive art collection. Here with her royal-blood dog, Menina, from Catalonia. She also loves traveling, mostly to Madrid.”









“Handsome Spanish-born Luis Bosch—president of Bosch Construction—is known for the custom homes he builds throughout South Florida for celebrities, politicians and race-car drivers. He also loves free-diving, swimming with sharks, and kite-surfing in Miami and Cat Cay in the Bahamas. His ideal day: fishing in the morning, filleting the catch in the afternoon, and serving it at night. Here with his beautiful Venezuelan/Lebanese girlfriend, Fadia Bassi, a cofounder of Prodigy International who sold such buildings as Gansevoort South and Paramount Bay. Now she has started another company, Venetian Capital, which represents developers in Mexico, Panama and Venezuela.”







The beautiful people: Liat Ciardi, of English and Singaporean descent, and her husband, Mark, of Italian and Irish descent. She modeled in Europe and California before creating a successful bath boutique in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. He was a professional baseball player with the Milwaukee Brewers and modeled for six years in Miami before becoming a film producer with such box-office hits as The Rookie, Miracle and Invincible for Disney. They now live between California and Miami.”

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