Tell me about We list properties for sale by neighborhood. It’s updated all the time, so customers can check out the drop or increase in prices on a daily basis. We’ve just added a new tool called Condo Shark which tracks the best deals per neighborhood. Instead of searching for a unit by the number of bedrooms or square footage, for example, you can look for it by its price decrease since it was placed on the market. This helps you immediately get a feel for the seller’s motivation.

Give an example of a killer deal you recently landed for a client. This was a deal compared to the 2006 market: a 1,650-square-foot unit at the Murano Grande for $695,000. That averaged $421 per square foot for one of the top-rated buildings in South Beach—and it was a corner unit with ocean views. The same units sold for way more than a million dollars two years ago.

IMAGES FROM TOP: The pool at Apogee, Lipe Medeiros, Daniela Pellicciotti

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