We’ve devoted this special double issue to two themes indigenous to Miami: health and beauty. Around here, we all want to feel our sexiest, fittest and youngest (usually in that order) to help us get the most out of our city’s great nights and days (again, usually in that order). For inspiration, check out the glamorous young things photographer Marc Richards Tousignant shot for “Bright Young Things.” They’re the types who’ve likely caught your eye around town, confirming your suspicion that Miami is indeed home to the hottest general populace anywhere. Still, looking good isn’t a walk in the park: Tear out and keep “The Ultimate Guide to Health and Beauty,” my cheat sheet to the best names in eyes, face, hair, body and nails—all of whom it kind of pains me to share, but you really should have on speed dial.

Even for the skinniest among us, the quest for perfection sometimes knows no bounds. Writer Maria Gonzalez Behar, a size 2, dishes on her own liposuction experience in “The Last Plastic Surgery Taboo.” Crazy or completely normal? You decide. And in “Eat, Drink, Lay,” Alexandra Peers explains how to make the most of a long spa day. Once you’re looking and feeling sufficiently gorgeous, there’s no better spot in town to show it all off than The Forge. The entire Ocean Drive staff congratulates Shareef Malnik on the reopening of his restaurant. Read Victoria Pesce Elliott’s “A New, Brighter Forge” on the landmark’s stunning new look, further proof that it’s never too late for a magnificent makeover.


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