Tamara with Michelle Sanchez at The Vagabond

Everything seems normal enough until I spot the hairy, three-foot-long stuffed spider above the doorway to Tamara Sky’s apartment. “Yeah, it scares the neighbors,” she says, laughing, and lets me in, along with gal pals Charis Kirchheimer, the photographer whose work lines the walls, and Marissa Schindler, an accessories designer. After serving everyone tequila shots, Tamara becomes absorbed in her laptop, working on both the graphic design and music for a new Coco de Ville mixtape (she taught herself Photoshop from YouTube tutorials, and DJing via an ex-boyfriend’s gear). Aban Sonia—Tamara’s partner in local nightlife creative collective Overthrow—stumbles in, tired from a long night of work/play, and flops onto the bed. "I need a cuddle," she says. Charis strokes her hair. After a bit of boyfriend talk, the conversation turns to sex toys and the age-old question: If you use one to make your boyfriend squeal like a girl, do you still want him as a boyfriend?

FROM LEFT: Tamara at Coco de Ville with Sam Baum and Sonia Aban; Playing dominoes in The Vagabond’s backyard; Tamara Sky; Tamara Sky working on a mixtape for Coco de Ville

Sam Baum, brother Max Baum and Obi Tawil (aka DJ Damaged Goods) are spread about on various couches as Tamara picks up a glowing yo-yo and bangs out some rather difficult tricks. Conversation somehow turns from yo-yo groupies (“yo-yo hos,” according to Sam), to the awesomeness of Allstate Insurance’s Mayhem commercials, to what it would be like if female contraceptive devices glowed in the dark. “That would not be cool,” says Max.

First it’s a quick hit in Coco’s Habit for more tequila, a little banquette-perching and then a rendezvous with girlfriend/crush Michelle Sanchez, an event producer who’s in from Singapore. Turns out Tamara’s just returned from a tour of Asia: “Malaysia was the best! Dubstep is just hitting there, and I was the first person to turn them on to a lot of what I was playing.” She also managed to find time in Indonesia to drink cobra blood and sample the meat (it’s “very chewy”). We hit The Vagabond, where the girls are transfixed by a break-dancing circle. One of the guys gives them a personal pop and lock session (high fives all around). Tamara ends the night by dominating a game of dominoes in The Vagabond’s backyard.

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