Age: 33. Provenance: Miami.

Bright attitude: Gonzalez rises at 3 AM and is camera-ready at 5, delivering Miami’s daily highs and lows with her signature style and improvisational charm. While her cover-girl attributes make her updates appear effortless, she juggles a lot behind the scenes. “I prepare my own forecast. I don’t have a weather producer, so I have to do my own graphics and research,” says the early bird. A multitasking talent: “I’m often referred to as ‘the singing weatherwoman,’” says the former beauty-pageant winner, entertainment host and off-Broadway actress. “I’ve sung the national anthem at a Dolphins game and the Sony Ericsson Open.” Future mysteries: “I love what I do right now,” she says. “I always have a vision and a plan, but I don’t let it out; I let it unravel.” —Tish Johnson Cook

Whom would you love to interview?
Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters
Perfect spot in Miami for a sunset cocktail: Smith & Wollensky in South Pointe Park
What’s your favorite way to de-stress after a long day? Zumba at The Sports Club/LA. We dance salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton and flamenco.




Age: 31. Provenance: Philadelphia.

Suite life: This seasoned hotel developer brings a passion for hospitality and a razorsharp, seemingly innate real estate acumen to his latest creation, the Hollywood Beach Suites, Hostel + Hotel. “We wanted to give people an affordable place where they could have fun,” he says. Lieberman also runs reality-TV-centric production company Beach Pictures, and recently added “restaurateur” to his résumé with the Tequila Beach Club, a taco gastropub conveniently located on the Hollywood Beach Suites property. Real vision: “I come up with my ideas when I’m sleeping, and wake up to take notes,” he says of his process. Two years ago, Lieberman envisioned the Hollywood hotel as a mixeduse resident ial property, but instead decided to create a playcation destination. Sideshow: “I went to NYU film school and was always looking for an opportunity to be in the business,” says Lieberman, who helped lure the producers of Jersey Shore to Miami Beach to tape season two. For the duration of filming, the cast and crew ended up residing at the Metropole Hotel, another of Lieberman’s properties. “Miami is a premier destination for TV production, which adds an incredibly dynamic element to my business.” —Tish Johnson Cook

What is your secret talent?
My photographic memory
Where would you live if you weren’t in Miami? Venice Beach, California
Favorite place to people-watch: 17th and Collins, in front of The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club
What film best describes your life? The Shining

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