You’re stuck on a desert island. What three condiments/utensils are musts?

Habanero sauce, black pepper and a pair of tongs.

And a cooking tip?

Only flip things once, like a steak or a burger.

What should everyone have in their kitchen?

Two kinds of oils: canola oil to cook with and extra virgin olive oil not to cook with. You don’t sauté things in it, you don’t heat it up, you just splatter it on vegetables or fish or use it for vinaigrette.

There’s a rumor that you love politics. Are you interested in pursuing a career in it?

Yeah, but that’s not going to be for a while. It’s a good possibility I will go into some kind of public service at some point for New York.

If you could pick three people to have dinner with, living or dead, who would they be?

Muhammad Ali, President Obama and Marilyn Monroe.

Steph Sez: How does Bobby like to spice up his life?

Bobby Sez: Lots of hot sauce and my wife [actress Stephanie March]. Not in that order.

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