“I was around the age of Nick Twisp when I read Youth in Revolt,” he continues, “and I completely related to it. Anyone who was ever a teenager has to feel the same way, especially if you had a romantic interest who somehow drove you crazy.” In the movie, Nick will do anything to get the attention of his dream girl, Sheeni.

So did playing a guy who’s desperate to get the girl give Cera a feeling of déjà vu? He replies with a smile, “Who doesn’t remember what it’s like to be in love for the first time, and all of the crazy things you want to do when you get that feeling? Haven’t we all met someone who blows our mind? I just could really relate to that torment.”

Cera also feels a little of that same emotion about becoming a celebrity. “I don’t spend time thinking about my image,” he says, “although some other people do. I’ve been acting since I was nine. It still feels the same. The difference is, when you’re out in public, people feel like they know you. Everything else is the same—same friends, same family, same clothes, same house, same car. People can read stuff about me and know what I do for a living, but they don’t know the real me.”

Kristen Bell Finds Romance in Rome: Kristen Bell isn’t complaining about being on location: After filming Couples Retreat in exotically beautiful Bora Bora, she headed to Italy for When in Rome, costarring Josh Duhamel. Kristen is just kidding about her hunky leading man when she says, “Oh, man, is Josh ugly.” She quickly adds, “He’s actually very funny as well as good-looking.” Bell is pursued by not only Josh, but also a few other guys who drop coins in the famous Trevi Fountain. She says, “I love being the object of affection, but I’ve been acting a lot lately with basically men, so my next film, You Again, was a nice change of pace. The cast is mostly women, and it ranges from Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis to Betty White.”

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