Peter Rosello
His shyness is often misinterpreted as arrogance, and although he’s well-mannered and humble, he has a sweet tooth for the good life, such as high-end traveling around Europe.

Swimwear: Sundek and Vilebrequin trunks
Sunglasses: Gucci
Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Designers: D&G, Gucci, Last Rights
Boutiques: Lulu Couture, Ralph Lauren, Air Traffic Control for sneakers
Style muse: Kanye West
Dream collaborators: Kid Cudi, Swedish House Mafia
What you find irresistible in a woman: A calm and nice personality, being down-to-earth
No one would expect: I am quiet and emotional.
Splurge food: Five Guys and Sir Pizza

Gigi Paris
Her stunning physique and remarkable beauty are the first things you see, but this gift keeps on giving, for she’s intelligent, complex and always in control.

Special skills: I speak French, Spanish and English.
Most treasured possession: My grandmother’s collection of rings from when she was my age 
Sunglasses: Classic black Wayfarers
Designers: DVF, Vera Wang, Phillip Lim
Boutiques: En Avance, Fly Boutique and Jessie
Recent score: A DVF gown that I’m saving for a special occasion
Shoes: I wear lace-up boots almost every day, and I love Topshop’s heels.
Style muse: Rachel Bilson
What you find irresistible in a man: I’m always attracted to a bad boy, but he has to have a goofy side.
Current obsession: Yoga

Leonardo Corredor
Host of Telemundo’s Invasión Casera
Who’d have guessed this Venezuelan was born in Arkansas? This mini-marvel is precious and always on display. 

Swimwear: Diesel, because it fits me well
Sunglasses: Carrera and Ray-Ban 
Designers: Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Armani, D&G 
Boutique: AllSaints 
Style muse: James Dean 
Where you are happiest: The place I grew up: Mérida, Venezuela 
Musicians: Lamb, because of their unique style; Adele, because I love her lyrics; and Sarah Brightman, because she is like the sound of heaven 
Dream collaborators: Steven Klein, David LaChapelle, Tim Burton

Caroline Geys
Abstract Architectural Artist
Flawless, genuine and talented, this creative spitfire enjoys making people laugh, knows exactly what she wants and excels in the art of seduction.

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