“Dance music will sooner or later conquer America,” says Paul Oakenfold, probably the planet’s most famous DJ and certainly its most diverse, having produced original records (Bunkka, with breakout “Starry-Eyed Surprise”), scored feature films (Swordfish), and remixed the likes of Madonna, Radiohead and Justin Timberlake since (gulp) 1983. Besides Perfecto, his legendary 1,800-person Saturday-night residency at Rain in Las Vegas, Oakenfold’s perfecting his new album of original music, which drops in May 2011. “It’s fresh, upbeat, uptempo, with great songs and great singers,” he says, rejuvenated from a poolside chill at Miami’s Soho Beach House. His new favorite local club? “I loved spinning at Arkadia. It’s small, intimate, dark and dangerous.”

What was the first album you ever bought?
David Bowie's "Young Americans"

Who would you like to collaborate with most? 
America has some of the best singers in the world. I would like to work in the soul/urban world.

What’s your most vivid memory of playing Winter Music Conference?
Performing with a 25-piece orchestra and incorporating classical and electronic music.

What current music are you dying to rework?
I would like to mix Eminem. I respect what he does and I think I could take him to a whole new World.

If the world-famous-DJ gig hadn’t panned out, what would you be doing?
I am a fully qualified chef. I studied for years. I also did a cocktail course at Columbia University.

Your life involves a lot of parties and late nights. How do you stay balanced and centered?
I work out, try to eat healthy and take the right vitamins.

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