Yes, very. My mom is like my best friend. She usually comes to the shows with me. She’s the captain of all the model moms. They’re not supposed to watch the shows, but my mom always finds a way.

On a typical day, what would we find you wearing?

In New York I’m definitely a little bit more covered up—usually skinny jeans, a tank top, and if I’m feeling casual then like Chucks, or if I’m not then high heels or boots. I love boots. And I always have to have a leather jacket—and almost all black. Then when I’m in LA, I bust out my colors and I’ll usually wear little dresses and more skimpy stuff.

Are you a big shopper?

No, actually I’m not. I usually just wait until designers give me stuff. It always feels good when you get a treat from the designers for good behavior, you know?

What’s one of your favorite things you’ve been gifted?

Well, I just got this amazing purple Balenciaga bag because I did the looks for them, and worked really hard, so they rewarded me with the bag.

What are some of the other perks of the business?

We meet a lot of people backstage. I met Kanye [West] that way. He’s really into fashion, and at one of the shows Jourdan [Dunn] and I were the only black girls there, so, you know, he had to give a shout-out and we’ve just been friends ever since.

Do you ever get starstruck?

Yes, when I met Beyoncé at my first Met Ball. She and her bodyguard came up to me, and I didn’t know what to say. She’s into fashion, and she knows a little bit about modeling, and she was like, ‘We love you, girl.’ She is just so sweet and humble and amazing.

That must have been an incredible night for you.

Yeah, actually that night would have been my high-school prom, but instead I got to go to the Met Ball, so that was my fashion prom. It was so much fun.

Sure beats balloons and bleachers! Who was your date?

Phillip Lim.

Now that you’ve appeared on the cover of Vogue, and in numerous other editorials, is there a photographer you most enjoy working with?

Yes, I love working with Patrick Demarchelier; he’s been shooting me since I was 15. There’s Peter Lindbergh, and Craig McDean is great—he has such good energy. There are so many people I enjoy working with, and it’s really a privilege for me. I also look forward to working with Tim Walker and Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. I haven’t had the chance to work with them all, but I’m still young. It’ll happen sooner or later.


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