The Red Bag Boutique, an LA store Iman recently opened with her mom, China, also commands her attention between modeling gigs. “I like to be in the store when I’m not working,” she says. “The concept is that it’s for women both my age and my mom’s age, so half the clothes are trendy for me, and then more classic, sophisticated stuff for my mom.”

Lately she’s been splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles, though she’s most definitely a Miami fan: “I go all the time. I’d love to buy a house there,” she says.

And though still shy of her 20th birthday, Iman realizes that success not only begets fantasy-like modeling gigs and the chance to own a boutique, but also the opportunity to give back. The HerShe group, an LA-based organization that helps girls in the foster-care program, is among the charity efforts that draw Iman’s focus. “These are girls who’ve never really had a home, so they have no grounding,” she says. “So we do things together—picnics, bowling—to show them they’re not alone. I’m just grateful to be given the opportunity to do more than model, to be a voice as well.” Sounds like she’ll earn those wings with no problem.

Miami Faves

“Casa Tua. I love the hedges all around. It’s so private, and every time I go, they’re so sweet: ‘Hi, Chanel, welcome back, we have your table.’”

“I don’t have just one. I love The Raleigh, The Setai—which is so beautiful—but also the Delano and The Standard. I love the spa there with the Turkish hammam.”

“My friends and I always rent scooters. I’m not into clubs and stuff, but going to the beach and then riding around all night? Miami rocks.”


Shakira Shines

The Amber Wave

Video: Irina Shayk

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